Relationship Therapy For Couples

The Texas Wellness Institute assists couples in cultivating a more meaningful experience of love and wholeness in relationships. We help couples gain greater clarity and connection by transforming problematic patterns of relating.

Life provides no training or education on how to effectively be in a relationship. The reality is that most people simply find themselves in a relationship and are at a loss on how to sustain and deepen the initial experience of love over time. Many couples experience disconnection and frustration rather than the intimacy and satisfaction they once felt.

Common expressions of disconnection and frustration in relationships include:

  • “My partner is always criticizing me.”
  • “My partner and I aren’t on the same page sexually.”
  • “We can’t talk about money without fighting.”
  • “My partner won’t let go of the past.”
  • “I can’t trust my partner.”
  • “We keep having the same fight.”
  • “We don’t spend enough time together.”
  • “We need to separate, but we don’t know how.”
  • “Our lives are going in different directions.”
  • “My partner hasn’t paid enough attention to me since our child was born.”
  • “The spark that we once had is now gone.”

We find that individuals struggling in their relationship often feel that they must avoid certain truths to maintain a functional “peace.” As a result, their relationship is plagued by avoidance, withdrawal, and resentment—all of which further block openness to love and connection.

Our research reveals that five core relational dimensions comprise the health of a romantic partnership:

  • Honesty
  • Understanding
  • Differentiation
  • Intimacy
  • Sexual Expression

Texas Wellness Institute’s relationship therapy supports the development of maturity and fulfillment within these five relationship dimensions.