Therapy and Counseling for Professionals

The Texas Wellness Institute assists professionals seeking wellness in their lives. We provide therapeutic services tailored to the distinctive challenges that many adults encounter as they negotiate a balance between personal and work life.

We help our clients develop strategies and skills to decrease stress and increase satisfaction.

Many of the professionals who seek us out have stories like these. If any of this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. TWI helps people successfully navigate these struggles to regain happiness in life and relationships.

“I’m ‘successful’ and I’m still not happy.”

Today’s working professionals work hard, do everything they are supposed to, and still find themselves fatigued, discouraged and unable to relax.

“Negative emotions are disrupting my home or work life.”

Negative emotions can be powerful and consuming. If you are overwhelmed with fear, anger, anxiety, irritability or sadness and unable to let it go, you’ve probably found that the intensity and duration of negative emotions is creating conflict at work or home.

“I’ve lost enthusiasm for work, my social life and/or my home life.”

Working adults often come to a point in life where responsibilities feel overwhelming and endless. This can lead to loss of joy and excitement about life, exhaustion, isolation and depression.

“I’m trying to cope with stress, but the ways I’m dealing with it are becoming a problem.”

Stress management behaviors can become bigger problems than the stress itself. If you are worried that drinking alcohol, using drugs, eating, Internet time or pornography has become a problem, we can help you develop healthy ways to cope with stress and manage anxiety.

“I feel guilty about my family when I’m at work and guilty about work when I’m with my family.”

Many professionals find it incredibly difficult to relax and separate from work or family responsibilities. Even when you are physically present, your partner may complain that you are emotionally or psychologically absent. We provide professionals the skills and insight needed to attain balance and freedom in work and relationships.

“I can’t stop working because I don’t know who I am without it.”

The pursuit of success can be an authentic self-expression, which is characterized by a sense of capacity, accomplishment and service. More commonly it is compulsive, exhausting and propelled by fears of failure. The high standards and lofty ambition that fuel much professional development can become a source of harsh self-criticism.

A central principle of Texas Wellness Institute’s services for professionals is that shame and perfectionism actually preclude the enjoyment of happiness and success.