Treat Anger, Rage, and Resentment

Anger and rage are self-protective responses to a perceived threat. Threatening or overwhelming events in a person’s life can impact them in such a way that they lose the ability to accurately assess danger. The result is a tendency to overreact or experience situations as threatening, which in actuality are not. Such people can find themselves stuck in a hypervigilant, irritable and reactive condition, which feels out of their control.

When our anger is unexpressed or feels futile, it often takes the more chronic, rigid, and cold form of resentment. Resentment is a more enduring and deep-seated form of negativity. It is particularly poisonous to relationships as it fosters bitterness and isolation. Freeing oneself from resentment can dramatically shift one’s quality of life and relationships.

TWI uses somatic experiencing to work with anger in a body-based way. We also use therapeutic techniques like mindfulnessself-acceptance, and dynamic relational therapy to address chronic negative emotions.