Find Happiness And Relief

The effort to improve one’s self is often at odds with the self-acceptance that ultimately brings relief and happiness. Though the ethos of self-improvement pervades both professional and popular American culture, there is perhaps no single psychological trait more closely correlated with happiness than self-acceptance.

Accordingly, Texas Wellness Institute considers enhanced self-acceptance a goal of both its therapeutic and wellness programs.

Self-acceptance is not state of passivity, indulgence or resignation towards oneself. Rather, it results from the cultivation of an attitude of love, respect and kindness towards the reality of who we are in any given moment. Self-acceptance powerfully affects the way we relate to ourselves. It serves to transform our internal atmosphere from harshness to kindness, from rejection to understanding, from anxiety to trust.

We collaborate with clients to develop self-acceptance exercises tailored to each individual’s unique vulnerabilities and patterns of self-judgment.